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Boyce PR is dedicated to helping patients overcome injuries and accomplish their goals through evidence based strength & conditioning programming and rehabilitation.  

Hello! My name is Andrew Boyce, I am a chiropractor at BPR and head coach at Cryptid CrossFit. I have spent the majority of my life involved in some sort of sport, from running in grade school til college to getting into the strength game in graduate school. My initial love for running led me to Western Michigan University to study exercise science, which then evolved into a career in fitness and rehab. I studied Chiropractic at National University of Health Sciences where I learned to blend the professions of chiropractic, rehabilitation, and strength & conditioning. This unique combination of fields has helped me to become able to work with varieties of patients to overcome pain and injuries, accomplish their goals, and improve their life through movement. I practice right in Kalamazoo, MI. Outside of my career I enjoy spending time with my family wife and kids, engaging in physical activity, reading, hunting, fishing, and camping. You can follow up on Instagram at @aboyce_DC

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